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what is idk?

idk is as an educational non-profit founded in fort worth, texas by a passionate art teacher and his former students. Collaboratively, we're redefining how emerging artists, photographers, and designers bridge the gap between inspiration, opportunity and community. 

we make art, not excuses

what problem does
idk help solve?

There comes a time in every creative person's life when they are faced with either starving or selling out - with either struggling to make it on their own with their art or get a normal 9 to 5 to make ends meet. Neither are wrong, but neither are fair either.


Through selling artwork on our idk shop as well as community events, we hope to remind you that your creative voice is needed. Whether you hope to build an independent art career or simply want a little extra bread, idk artists and photographers are given communal support and business resources to turn your entrepreneurial creative ideas from your head into tangible experiences. 

As we build our community from within by creating and curating our gallery and shop, we are also eager to extend this work to our thriving Fort Worth Arts community! Follow for mental motivations and community connectivity!

don't know how? 
let's figure out this thing called life together!

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