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My Story:

Hanna Grey graduated from the University of North Texas in 2023 with a 

Bachelors of Arts in Media (film, radio, television) and a minor in


Hanna has worked in the creative field has a Production Assistant for the 

show "Lawmen: Bass Reeves" as well as assisted multiple photographers for

all types of photoshoots. Hanna hopes to achieve a full time career in the

film industry as cinematographer.


Portfolio Artist Statement:

As a photographer who is deeply enamored with night, street, and landscape photography, Hanna finds her muse in the darkened streets, silhouetted skylines, and cinematic mood of her beloved hometown, Fort Worth. Through careful composition and a keen eye for detail, she aims to give viewers an escapism into a realm where reality blurs with imagination. From the quiet, hidden alleys to the secluded, underappreciated gems, each frame captures the essence of her city in constant evolution, yet rooted in its rich history and culture. Fort Worth isn’t the only backdrop for her work; she likes to explore other cities as well while traveling which allows to add value in her work. With each image, Hanna strives to not only pay homage to her city but also the places she has traveled to that have helped shape her as an artist and continue to ignite a creative spirit. 

Notable Accomplishments:

  • ArtsGoggle - 8/8 pieces sold (2023)

  • TAEA's (Texas Art Educator Association) VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event) - State and Regional Medalist (2019)

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