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My Story:

Rama Ajlouni is an artist, photographer, and student. Currently attending

Tarrant County College Northeast Campus, Rama plans to transfer to the 

University of North Texas to earn a M.F.A in Studio Art with a concentration 

in Photography. 

As the Executive Curator of idk, Rama hopes to use her continuing

education to live out the vision of idk. To push past other's expectations,

to grow through experimenting with varying media, and to

connect with other artists in the pursuit of progress over perfection. 


Portfolio Artist Statement:

Rama's artistic journey is a reflection of personal exploration, shaped by her Middle Eastern background and desire to tell stories that transcend borders. Photography serves as a chosen language, allowing to communicate the nuances of understanding identity through ephemeral portraits, alternative abstractions, concrete landscapes, and the connections between them. Through Rama's Muslim upbringing, she's experienced firsthand the misunderstandings and misrepresentations that can arise from cultural misconceptions. The work is driven by a passion to break down these barriers, fostering empathy and understanding through the universal language of light. Through photography, Rama hope's to inspire a dialogue that celebrates our shared human experience while honoring the unique narratives that make each of us who we are.


Notable Accomplishments:

  • Fort Worth Foodies Digital Publication - Collaboration with Fitzgerald (2023) 

  • TCC NE Visual Arts Showcase at Arts Fort Worth - 2/4 pieces sold (2023) 

  • AHHS Senior Arts Showcase: Vertigo at Fort Worth Black House (2018)

  • Betsy Price Arts Showcase at Fort Works Art - 1/2 pieces sold (2017) 

  • TAEA's (Texas Art Educator Association) VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event) - State and Regional Medalist (2017)

  • Instagram
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